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 -- Digital display
 -- Automatic digital buzzer timer
 -- Max print size: 38×38cm
 -- Fuse protection
 -- Voltage: 220V~240V
 -- Power: 1.8-2.0KW
 -- Temperature: 0~300℃
 -- Temperature range: 0-999 Seconds
 -- Gross weight: 27kg
 -- Packing size: 68.5×47.5×41.5CM 
Operating Instructions
1.Turn on the switch, machine connect power with buzzer a times,showing temperature and time. the OUT light keep lighting.
2.Press TEMP button, the temperature screen flash, change the temperature through up and down key.   Press TEMP button again to fix the temperature you want.
3.Press TIME button, the time screen flash, change the time through up and down key. Press TIME button again to fix the time you want.
4.When the heater temperature up to the setup temperature , the OUT light crush out.
Printing steps
 Taking the white chemical fiber cloth as an example
1. Feed material into inkjet printer, be sure printing on the printable side(white matt coated side).
2. Design you image and invert it ,printer setting use Photo Quality or Best Quality print mode .
3. Lift up the press handle, and turn on the power.The press should always be in the open position when heating it.
4. Setting temperature and time.(Refer to Quick reference guide VII)
5. Press will keep in the constant temperature when rising to the idea temperature. Put the cloth on the silicon pad with the side you want to transfer facing up and smooth out all wrinkles to preheat for 5 seconds.
6. Place on fabric with image face down. 
7. Lay down the grip to start the transfer, meanwhile the timer will count automatically.
8. While time is up, the buzzer will respond in a sound.
9. Lift up the press handle again, take out the cloth and peel the paper. (peel warm or peel cool refer to transfer paper instruction
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