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Flock vinyl
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Gross weight:6.5/kg
1.    The vinyl with high quality and numerous in variety,the color is gorgeous, clear, bright color, pure, deeply the general customers welcome and loved.
2.    This product use PU material of environmental protection, without any discomfort, contact with the skin without any harm to the skin. Quality assurance, if there is quality problem can return a replacement.
3.    Design effect can print high class of the clothes, but the  screen printing can’t do this.
4.    Good feeling, color is firm, soft, no crack, have elasticity, resistance to uv and sunlight doesn't rub off, not fade, machine wash and hand wash off, rub resistance, no odor, high and low temperature environment does not glue, do not break, no glue, highly flexible pattern effect can print high class of the clothes, but screen printing can't do.
5.    Use equipment is simple, as long as there is computer, carving machine, heat press machine can be used; Cut the figure is very convenient, don't need to plate making, save the time and cost for plate-making and instant, saving manpower and material resources.
6.    Color transfer printing, make clothing design more rich and  personality.
7.    By carving machine cutting the arts and patterns for pyrograph machine heat transfer.Also can use electric thermal transfer funnel through artificial means. Making a or less quantities of clothing printing is possible and realistic personality.
8.    Roll packing, maximum use of tailings material, avoid waste, and cost control
9.    Can be cut according to computer image design and carving machine, can produce portraits, unique character + number, the sweethearts outfit. More can make star image on the shirt or monochrome or color images. Compared with domestic similar products, have qualitative feeling more.
10.Can make monochromatic number, multicolor number, number, super soft number, tensile number, after washing test.
11.Soft and stereoscopic.

1. Use computer carve draw software to design, and then use carving machine              for cutting.
2.    Will be carved vinyl and hollow out.
3. Vinyl down and bring film up, transfer printing,heat press machine and the electric  iron,Bucket can be hot stamping
4.    Temperature:160-170
 Peeling method: cool peeling
Apply to all kinds of textile fabrics, color printing products without limit, strong hiding power, used in the clothing trademark printing, personality T-shirt, hat, cup kindergarten article name personality and personality patterns, all kinds of LOGO trademark, jersey number guanggu shan, banner ads, advertising umbrella items such as printing, brunet with light color clothes, more can make full color photo penhui pictorials hot figure, let your clothes have the characteristic, reveal personality, is a clothing factory, clothing, personality the best choice of the accessory shop. Can also be applied to textile fabrics, leather, luggage products, paper products, Oxford cloth. Such as T-shirt, jeans, pillow, curtain, shirt, car seat cover, table cloth, cloth handbags, hand on, and so on.
No Application
1.Surface with a layer of waterproof coating on the diving suit,NO.
2.Surface with a layer of waterproof coating, waterproof cotton-padded jacket,NO
3.Wood products, ceramics, glass, plastic,NO
4. Not be able to withstand 160-160 degrees high temperature rain silk products,NO
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