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·         Features:
o    Multifunction for T-shirt press (29x38cm), mug press (6.8 to 8 x 12, 7.5 to 9 x 12cm), plate press (12 and 15cm diameter) and cap press (8 to 20cm)
o    Digital control system: PID microcomputer controller and high-precision (1°C) has micro-switch knob
o    Digital time and high-accuracy, pressure is adjustable
o    Heat tube integrated with heat board in one unit, safety, durable, heat distribute uniformity and strong heat exchange
o    Configured with silica gel pad which can withstand 400°C, no distortion on mainboard
·         Specification:
o    Voltage: 220 to 240V
o    Power: 200 to 1,000W
o    Temperature range: 0 to 399°C
o    Color: black
o    Timing range: 0 to 999 seconds
·         Operation steps:
o    Turn on power switch, indicator will light on
o    Hold handle then turn heating plate to right
o    Set temperature to suitable temperature (120 to 200°C)
o    Set timer to suitable time (5 to 20 seconds)
o    Place clothes on flat heating plate, then cover with transfer paper above clothes
o    When time is up, buzzer will alarm. At the moment, user should need to take handle back to original place
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