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·         Printing sublimation glass photo frame, sublimation stone, sublimation crystal, sublimation mug, sublimation mobile phone case
·         Can transfer plain objects to a fully solve printing objects, processing of all kinds of shaped, curved, three-dimensional surface
·         Once completed without chromatography, saves time, work and increases market competitiveness
·         Used in building decoration, wedding photo studio, advertising, logo signs, gifts and other industries
·         Applicable materials: pearl, drawing and other pre-coated metal plates and a variety of pre-coated metal sheet profiles, pretreatment of stone, ceramic glass, wood and more
·         Measurement: 680 x 610 x 370mm (26.8 x 24 x 14.6 inches)
·         Colors: red/black/silver
·         Volume: 0.15m³
·         Gross weight: 20kg (44lbs)
·         Net weight: 19kg (35lbs)
·         Power: 2,800W
·         Voltage: 110/230V AC
·         USC format: 300 x 420 x 110mm (11.8 x 16.5 x 4.3i-nch)
·         UP heating: 1,300W
·         Down heating: 1,300W
·         Vacuum pump: 150W
·         Maximum vacuum: -640mmHg
·         Vacuum flow: 33L/minute
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