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·         Interface: native USB (real USB port, never serial to USB adapter)
·         Software compatibility: works perfect with most software's that has real USB configure such as Felxi, Coreldraw and signcut
·         Drive method: stepping motor
·         Maximum cutting range: 190 x 2,500mm
·         Usable sheet width: A4 size supported
·         Operating speeds: 10 to 400mm/second (7 speeds in 50mm/second steps)
·         Types of pens: dedicated blade holder
·         General purpose ballpoint pen (only when ballpoint pen holder is used)
·         Media types that can be cut:
o    Vinyl sticker (except for highly luminous reflection sheets)
o    Media 0.1mm or less in thickness, carrier sheet included thickness of 0.3mm or less
o    Kent paper (157gsm) drawing paper, postcard
o    Not all types of media can be cut
·         Lightweight, compact packing and easy to use
·         Ideal for customized stickers, craft and scrap booking
·         Widely used in office, home, departmental stores and school
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